We're currently installing more than 11 kilometres of water main between Fleet and Odiham, Hampshire.

This investment, more than £10 million in total, was identified as a high priority due to the predicted increase in population and demand in the coming years.

To reinforce our network and draw in larger volumes of water from other areas of our underground system, we need to install the new pipe before April 2023.

The route identified takes the pipe through Cove Road, Fleet Road, Bagwell Lane and Elvetham Heath Way in Fleet. Pipe is also to be laid in Pale Lane, Bagwell Lane, Dunleys Hill and Odiham Road, Hook. Other impacted roads include Poland Lane, Winchfield and The Hurst.

Route map

A mixture of traffic management measures will be in place to keep the public and our workforce safe throughout the project, including a series of road closures.

There will also be a short section of work within North Hants Golf Club in late 2022 into early 2023 which will require Cove Road to be closed for a second time to allow space for large machinery to be safely positioned.

Work started in June 2021 and we anticipate the project will be complete by April 2023, although our workforce will work as quickly and safely as possible to reduce the length of the scheme.

A virtual customer engagement event was held in April and anyone who was unable to attend can download a copy of the presentation here. A list of frequently asked questions and answers can be found at the bottom of this web page.

You can also watch a recording of the presentation by clicking here.

Project timetable


Start Date

Approx Duration

Planned end date

Traffic management plans

Poland Lane


10 days


Road closure

Odiham Road crossing


3 days


4-way lights

Bagwell Lane S


33 weeks


Road closure

Cove Road East of Ancells Roundabout


8 and 3 days


Road Closure

Cove Road Ancells Roundabout


3 weeks and 3 days


Side road closure/traffic lights

Cove Road West of Ancells Roundabout


9 weeks and 2 days


Road closure

Total Cove Road section


21 weeks


Mixture of Road Closure and traffic lights/stop-go boards

Fleet Road


3 weeks


Road closure

Bogs Road crossing


2 days


Stop and go

Fleet Road


7 weeks


Road closure

Total Fleet Road section


16 weeks (will be a break over the festive period)


Road closure and stop and go

Taplins Farm Road crossing


3 days


4-way lights

The Hurst


7.5 weeks


Road closure

Bagwell Lane North


3 weeks


Road closure

Total Bagwell Lane section


36 weeks


Road closure

Elvetham Heath Way


4 days


4-way lights

Elvetham heath way roundabout


6 days


4-way lights

Elvetham way footpath


25 weeks


Footpath closure

Total Elvetham Heath Way section


27 weeks


4-way lights and footpath closure

Winchfield Road (Station Road)


11 weeks


Road closure

Dunleys Hill


4 days


Road closure and traffic lights

Pale Lane


10 weeks


Road closure

Cove Road phase 2 (closed to allow drilling rig for golf course)


12 weeks


Road closure

Diversion routes

Cove Road

Fleet Road

The Hurst

Dunleys Hill

Bagwell Lane

Pale Lane

Winchfield Road (Station Road as known locally)

Frequently asked questions

What are we doing?

We’re installing 12 kilometres of water main between Fleet and Odiham. We anticipate the project will take approximately 21 months to complete.


Where is it?

Construction work will take place along Cove Road, Fleet Road and Elvetham Heath Way in Fleet. Pipe will also be laid in Pale Lane, Dunleys Hill, Poland Lane, Bagwell Lane and Odiham Road, Hook. Other impacted roads include Winchfield Road and The Hurst.

Will we be closing the road?

For safety reasons this project will involve a series of road closures. While we know road closures can be frustrating it is vital we prioritise the safety of both the public and our workforce. Details on road closures and diversion routes can be found on our website. All road closures and diversion routes have been agreed by Hampshire County Council’s Highways team.


How will I get to my house?

Access to homes and businesses will always be available, however your access point may change depending on where the working area is. Our team will deliver cards through your door to let you know when the working area is moving and you can speak to the crew on site if you have any concerns.


How will the closure impact the buses?

We’ve been in close communication with bus companies throughout the planning phase of the project and any changes to bus stop locations or timetables will be available on the website.


What is the aim of the project?

We need to strengthen the water network in the area to help us to continue to supply top-quality drinking water as the community grows.


Will the water supply be interrupted?

We do not anticipate any interruption to supply as a result of this work. If for any reason we do need to switch off customer water supplies we will notify you well in advance.


I have additional needs and I require extra support

Customers with additional needs be it a disability, mental health or financial concerns can sign up to our Priority Services Register to help us understand how we can help you. More information can be found at: southeastwater.co.uk/priority

How can I find out more information?

We provide regular updates on the project on our dedicated webpage: corporate.southeastwater.co.uk/fleet, you can also sign up for updates using our In Your Area map. We also provide updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. You may also read about the project through the local media.

How have you communicated the scheme?

We sent letters to local residents and businesses and held a virtual customer information event on April 19th, 2021. This gave our customers a chance to see the project plans in detail and ask questions to the project team. We’ve also been in close contact with our stakeholders and local businesses throughout the planning phase of the project. We provide regular updates on our webpage and on our social media channels.


Project updates

July 30, 2021

We have made good progress throughout July and our workforce has installed more than 600 metres of water main in total since the project started.

The maps below show where our road closures are currently based and we apologise for any disruption these may cause.

July 23, 2021

Water main installation continued this week and we have installed more than 400 metres of pipe in total so far.

We're really grateful for the patience shown by the community and the kindness towards our workforce while we carry out this vital work.

July 16, 2021

We’ve continued to make good progress with this vital project to protect drinking water supplies in Hampshire.

Our workforce has installed 213 metres of pipe in Poland Lane and Bagwell Lane combined while 60 metres of main has been installed so far along Cove Road.

Thank you to our customers for their continued patience as the works progress.

July 09, 2021

Our workforce has continued to make good progress with pipe installation this week. Work in Poland Lane is now complete and we have commenced pipe laying in Cove Road and Bagwell Lane.

So far, 20 metres of new water main has been installed in Cove Road and 165 metres combined in Poland Lane and Bagwell Lane.

The maps below indicate where the road closures are currently situated in both Cove Road and Bagwell Lane. We're very sorry for the disruption caused and would like to thank our customers for their continued patience.

July 02, 2021

We’re making good progress and work in Cove Road, Fleet, is due to commence on Monday, July 5. Cove Road will be closed east of Ancells Road roundabout for a period of approximately 21 weeks and a clearly signed diversion route is in place.

Work will also begin in Bagwell Lane, Hook, from next week and the road will be closed for approximately 33 weeks. We’re really sorry for any disruption these road closures may cause.

Meanwhile, our work in Poland Lane, Hook, completed on Wednesday (30 June) and our workforce is currently working at the junction of Odiham Road and Bagwell Lane under temporary, four-way traffic lights.

June 25, 2021

We’ve been making good progress with our pipe installation work in Poland Lane and we have installed 70 metres of water main so far.

We were due to complete work in Poland Lane yesterday (Friday) but an unforeseen delay means we are working slightly behind our planned schedule.

Work will continue in Poland Lane until Wednesday, June 30 under the same traffic management conditions.

Once complete, four-way traffic lights will be installed at the junction of Poland Lane and Odiham Road to enable our workforce to continue laying pipe towards Bagwell Lane.

We are really sorry for the disruption this delay may cause and we are very grateful for the patience shown by residents so far.

June 2, 2021

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