Weaving, circling, crossing and galloping left dancers gasping for a drink after a hoedown at the Carers Café in Hartley but help was on hand to keep them hydrated.

As the event was all part of the ‘Don’t Dry Out’ Hydration Campaign, an initiative of Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust and supported by South East Water, there was plenty to drink to keep the thirst at bay.                                                                                                                                                                                                    

The innovative initiative to help keep track on the amount of water an older person drinks has been running all summer and is continuing throughout the winter months in community hospitals, nursing and care homes across the county.

Specially designed tear off pads, washable reusable posters, coasters and room thermometers to track the amount of water a person drinks throughout the day, have been handed to carers and nursing staff. Ideally, an older person should have eight big drinks a day which can be water, fruit juice, squash or tea.

With winter approaching the campaign is continuing to help pushing the importance of keeping hydrated, particularly when the heating is turned up.

So the message was taken along to an afternoon of song and dance at the Carers Café in Fawkham and Hartley Church Centre. The organiser Veronica McGannon said the carers at the weekly event thought the tick-off pads an excellent idea.

She said: “Everyone was very enthusiastic about starting to use them to make sure everyone is getting enough to drink throughout the day.”

Steve George, South East Water’s Customer Services Director, said: “We are 100 per cent behind the ‘Don’t Dry Out’ initiative as drinking the high quality water we supply to our customers’ taps is one of the healthiest and cheapest ways to keep hydrated.

“We are passionate about water and this excellent campaign, aimed at older people, highlights the benefits of drinking plenty of water based drinks throughout the year – even when cold weather hits.”

Did you know?

Early signs of dehydration are:

• Thirst
• Rarely needing to visit the toilet
• Darker than normal urine

Later symptoms include:

• Feeling dizzy or light-headed
• Having a headache
• Feeling tired
• A dry mouth, lips or eyes

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