We are investing £2.4 million in a major new strategic water main for the Wealden area.

The three miles of new pipeline will link our Coggins Mill Water Treatment Works in Mayfield to Cottage Hill Service Reservoir in Rotherfield.

While we will be installing much of the new pipeline in private land, the route of the new main will also impact the following roads:

  • Little Trodgers Lane, Mayfield
  • Old Tunbridge Wells Road, Mayfield (not the A267)
  • Bassetts Lane, Mayfield
  • B2101 Bicycle Arms Road, Rotherfield
  • B2101 High Cross Road, Rotherfield.

The  scheme is necessary to improve the capacity of the network and ensure we can continue to maintain water pressure to the area as the community grows.

How can we ensure this work is done with minimum disruption?

Construction work will be carried out in sections, with the roads being returned to their original state upon completion of one section before the working area moves along to the next stage.

As a safety precaution for pedestrians, motorists and our contractor, rolling road closures will also be in place along old Tunbridge Wells Road, Mayfield and B2101 Bicycle Arms /High Cross Road, Rotherfield, while we work on these sections of the project.

Access to homes and businesses will be maintained at all times and further details will provided as the project progresses.

The route of the pipeline does cross some public footpaths and bridleways and we are installing information signage along the route to advise local people to take care around work sites when out walking in the area.


Useful documents


Click here for overall project map with construction and road closure dates

Click here for B2101 High Cross Road  diversion map

Click here for Tunbridge Wells Road diversion map

Frequently asked questions

Special arrangements for bus services during the work

The £2.4 million scheme is necessary to improve the capacity of the network and ensure we can continue to maintain water pressure to the area as the community grows

When is the work due to start?

Construction is planned to start on Tuesday 23 April 2019 and the entire project is expected to take approximately nine months to complete.

Our contractor will work hard to complete the scheme as quickly and safely as possible.

Work will take place during normal working hours, although there may be some activities at weekends. There may also be a short interruption to your water supply during this scheme as we connect our new pipe to the existing network. However, you will be notified before this happens.

Who can I contact if I have any queries about these works?

Our contractor is Clancy Docwra and if you have any concerns during the work, staff on site will be happy to answer any questions you may have. If you would like to speak to South East Water direct please call our Customer Technical Centre on 0333 000 1100.

If you would like automatic updates via text or email as the work progresses please sign up by clicking on the links displayed on the information panel about this scheme which can be found on our interactive In Your Area map at www.southeastwater.co.uk. Enter the name of the road or the postcode to get to the information panel.

Scheme updates:

Update 14 November, 2019

We are now in the final few remaining stages of this scheme which includes removing Great Crested Newt fencing from the route of the new pipeline across some of the private land.

Update 4 November, 2019

The project is close to completion. Roads are reinstated and open and concrete is being laid at the final section of the bridleway this week. We have a drain to install on the embankment at Cottage Hill under two way traffic lights on High Cross Road but other than that the work is largely finished.

Update 28 October, 2019

Bicycle Arms Road / High Cross Road will be fully open by the end of the week and the traffic lights at Argos Hill have been removed. All the new water main has been laid and pressure tested. Remaining road surface reinstatement and white-lining will be completed this week.

Update 23 October, 2019

Bicycle Arms Road and High Cross Road are now open with  temporary three way traffic lights at the Argos Hill junction. We are currently pressure testing the new water main. Overall, the project is heading for early completion.

Update 15 October, 2019

Work is continuing in Bicycle Arms Road with approximately 50 metres of new water main still to lay there. We also have to undertake approximately 600 metres of reinstatement to road surfaces and 21 metres of pipeline to lay at Coggins Mill Water Treatment Works.

Update 3 October, 2019

Work is continuing in Bicycle Arms Road where the road closure has now been extended by East Sussex Highways from 21 October to 1 November to allow us more time to complete the reinstatement of the road surface. The temporary shuttle bus service will continue for the extended period.

Update 24 September, 2019

We are continuing to lay the new water main along Bicycle Arms Road. Overall progress is good with approximately 4.3 kilometres of a total of 4.8 kilometres of new pipeline now in the ground.

Update 29 August, 2019

Work is progressing very well with this scheme. We have completed the work in the field and are continuing to work our way down Bicycle Arms Road, where we have approximately 500 metres left to go.

Update 16 July, 2019

Our work at the Bicycle Arms Road junction at Argos Hill is now complete and the traffic lights have been removed. We continue working in High Cross Road under a road closure.

Update 11 July, 2019

Progress continues to be made under a road closure on the first section of High Cross Road working towards Sherriffs Lane.

Update 26 June, 2019

We are making good progress with more than 50 per cent of the new water main installed in the ground (2.57 km to date).

We have completed the crossing at Bassetts Lane and we are currently working on the crossing at Little Trodgers Lane under a road closure until Friday 5 July.

Work is now underway in High Cross Road on the first 1 km section between Cottage Hill and Sheriffs Lane under a road closure.

Today we are installing three way traffic lights at the Argos Hill / Bicycle Arms Road junction on the A267 to enable engineers to install control valves for the new pipeline. The traffic signals will be in force until Tuesday 9 July. 

Update 13 June, 2019

Latest information: The closure of High Cross Road will come into force at 07.30 on Monday 24 June.

Update 12 June, 2019

We are on course to complete work at old Tunbridge Wells Road and re-open the road  this coming Thursday morning, 13 June. Please see below for next steps.

Update 4 June, 2019

Work is progressing well and ahead of schedule both in the private land and highway sections of the route.

We are on course to complete work at old Tunbridge Wells Road and re-open the road by 20 June. We will then move to the High Cross Road section under a road closure from 21 June.

Meanwhile we will be laying a new section of pipe across Bassetts Lane under a road closure from 10 June and another new section with a road closure in force at Little Trodgers Lane from 24 June.

We are also seeking consent from East Sussex Highways to install technical equipment in the ground at the Bicycle Arms Road / Argos Hill junction from 26 June to 9 July under three way traffic light control. This equipment is necessary for the operation of the new pipeline once completed.

Scheme now underway - update 7 May, 2019

Work underway near Coggins Mill

Work got underway on this important engineering scheme on 23 April.

Vegetation has been cleared and fences installed along the entire length of the pipeline route as it crosses private land.

Construction has also started in private land close to Coggins Mill where 50 metres of new pipe has been laid and in the carriageway at Tunbridge Wells Road where 30 metres of new main is in the ground.

The road closure at Tunbridge Wells Road will be lifted in the evening on Friday 10 May and two way traffic lights installed there to facilitate access to Mayfield May Fair which takes place in the village centre on Saturday.

The road closure will be reinstated on Monday morning, 13 May.

Drop-in session 27 March, 2019

Our project team held a drop-in session from 4 - 7pm on Wednesday 27 March at Rotherfield Village Hall where local people had the opportunity to ask questions about this scheme.

Week commencing 4 March, 2019

We are making preparations for this project by excavating some trial holes in High Cross Road to ascertain the ground conditions and to determine the best alignment for the new pipeline within the carriageway which will speed up the work when main laying commences.



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