Every five years we update our water resources management plan (WRMP), which looks at how we’ll keep your taps running while striking that delicate balance between protecting the environment and keeping bills affordable.



We’re in the early stages of preparing our next plan which will be published in 2024.

As part of that we’re working closely with Water Resources South East (WRSE) which is looking at how water will be supplied across the whole of the South East region in the future, not just within our supply area.

WRSE is an alliance between six water companies in the south east - ourselves, Southern Water, Thames Water, Affinity Water, SES Water and Portsmouth Water.

WRSE is currently creating its own draft regional water resources management plan which will be consulted on in January 2022, we will then use the results of that report to form the basis of our 2024 plan.

Help shape the plan

We’re heavily supporting the creation of WRSE’s regional plan using our expertise alongside customer research and stakeholder engagement programmes.

Although the production of our final water resource management plan is several years away, it is important we receive your input into the regional plan now.

The Water Resources in the South East group is releasing a series of consultations over the coming months which will help shape the regional plan, and in turn, ours.

Future consultations and reports include:

  • Growth forecast - expected July 2020
  • Method statement - expected July 2020
  • Simulation model -  expected between August and December 2020
  • Policies and preferences - expected between August to December 2020
  • Resilience assessment - expected between August and December 2020

Find out more about the consultation papers at a WRSE webinar:

  • Method statement overview, Friday 7 August 2pm to 4pm -Join here
  • Regional policies, Monday 10 August 2pm to 4pm - Join here

Closed consultations:

You can view all the consultations and reports as they are published on WRSE’s dedicated website

There, you can also take part in polls, surveys and submit general comments. All of which are used to help shape the regional, and ultimately, our future plan.

Can you help us?

Do you have a reasonable and sustainable supply of raw water you would like to trade with us, or do can you provide new innovative leakage or demand management solutions?

If so, we’re keen to hear from you.

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