Project updates: 

21 June: 

Since the road was closed again following the South of England Show we have connected another point of our new main to the existing network in the road. 

14 June: 

After temporarily lifting our road closure over the weekend we have now set up our working site again and closed the road.

Before lifting the road closure last week we installed 20 metres of new main into the ground, then reinstated the road and made it safe for use over the weekend.

7 June: 

Last week we installed a further 50 metres of new main in the road and reinstated the trench with concrete.

From 5pm Thursday this week we will temporarily open the road for the South of England Show until 7am 14 June where the road will be closed again until the end of the scheme. 

1 June:

Last week we installed 77 metres of new main in Fox Hill (B2112).

We also reinstated our excavations with concrete, ready for the top layer and tarmac to be added. 

24 May: 

Following on from our first section of main installed, we now have moved our road closure to north of Hurstwood Lane on Fox Hill (B2112). 

Last week we excavated the road and laid 54 metres of new pipe. 

17 May: 

Last week we completed our second and third connections which link the new main to our existing network. We also finished reinstating the road where the connections were made.

We are now excavating the road ready for a new section of main to be installed, heading away from Hurstwood Lane towards Haywards Heath.

Watch our video to see our behind-the-scenes visit with Mims Davies MP, Cllr Mike Pulfer and Cllr Stephen Hillier to our site.

10 May:

Last week our new section of main installed on Fox Hill passed its pressure test and we were able to chlorinate this section. 

We began the reinstatement of the large trench and will continue working on this throughout the week.

4 May:

Last week we continued reinstating sections of the road leading up to Hurstwood Lane with concrete. We also excavated and installed 11 metres of new pipe across the entrance to Hurstwood Lane.

27 April: 

In the last week we have laid 140 metres of new main in the carriageway and started the reinstatement of the road along this section. 

20 April: 

Last week were able to cut 150 metres of the road's top layer off, ready for us to begin excavating down to the correct level to install our new main.

13 April: 

Last week we set up our working site, road closure and signposted our diversion route. 

This week we have begun to cut the top layer of the road off ready to begin excavations. 

6 April: 

Work due to start on site. 

We're installing 464 metres of new water main in Fox Hill (B2112), Haywards Heath. 

The £250,000 project started on 6 April and is expected to take approximately 15 weeks to complete.

We are using traditional open cut techniques to lay the new water main. This involves excavating a trench and laying the new pipe within it.

As a safety precaution for pedestrians, motorists and our workforce a road closure is in place within Fox Hill (B2112) between Rookery Way and Cape Road as agreed with East Sussex Highways department. 


Why does the road need to be closed?

We do all we can to minimise disruption to motorists and the community when laying new water mains and always look to install pipes in locations which will cause the least disruption, such as grass verges, and when in a road, as close to the verge as possible.

In the case of Fox Hill (B2112), the grass verge and roads are already heavily congested with other utilities, which means the only space available to lay this new pipe is in the middle of the road.

To ensure the safety of both motorists and our construction team, and in accordance with Highways safety guidelines, this section of Fox Hill (B2112) between Rookery Way and Cape Road will need to be closed for the duration of the project.

Why has this diversion route been chosen?

When creating a diversion, we are required to offer a route which follows the same class of road we are closing. As Fox Hill is a B road, the diversion needs to follow other B roads.

We are aware that local residents may know quicker ways to navigate around a diversion route. This not something we endorse due to safety.

The diversion route has been agreed with the local Highways authority and will be clearly signed for the duration of the scheme.

What are you doing about alternative bus routes?

Three months before any project starts, all local bus companies are presented with the project plans.

It is then up to the bus company to understand what impact the work will have on their services and provide alternatives. We do not influence their decision and are unable to provide a solution for them.

Please follow the links below for updates on local bus services:

Will emergency vehicles still have access to homes inside the road closure?

As with all of our roadworks, we will always maintain access for emergency services.

Likewise with bus companies, the emergency services are briefed well in advance of any roadworks and are adept at making their own arrangements to find alternative routes. This is common practice.

Diversion Route:

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