Occasionally droughts can happen, even in the UK. That's why it's important we're all prepared for when they do.

Our dry weather plan (formerly called our drought plan) sets out the steps we would take during periods of low rainfall to ensure we can deliver a reliable water supply for the essential needs of drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning.

It details what actions we'd take to conserve water and secure customers’ supplies, while balancing the needs of the environment.

These actions include:

  • Moving water around our network
  • Fast-tracking schemes to increase water resources
  • Working even harder to fix leaks
  • Promoting sensible water use
  • The introduction of temporary water use restrictions (commonly known as hosepipe bans)

To ensure our plans are up-to-date we review them every five years and publish a draft document for consultation. 

Although we published our latest plan in 2019 we are in the process of updating this plan following recent changes to Government drought plan guidance. This guidance encourages us to talk about our plans and ensure they are easy to understand and for everyone to follow.

"Our approach looks to increase supply, but also manage demand during times prolonged dry weather or drought. Your views help shape our approach as it's through listening to our customers and community that we'll keep improving our service" - Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources

Having your say

All our customers and stakeholders have the opportunity to have their say on all our work, including our dry weather plan. Using our experience from previous heatwaves and droughts, and research into possible future impacts, we have prepared a plan we hope will receive your support.

We know that working together with our customers and stakeholders is vital to the success of our plans as it is only through collaboration that we can make the best plan possible. We have worked with customers, stakeholders and our colleagues to prepare this draft plan. For a start you'll notice we've changed the name from a drought plan to our 'dry weather plan'.

This is because our customers have told us they don't tend to think of droughts happening in the UK. Thankfully droughts are relatively rare, but being in the sunny south east we regularly see extended periods of dry weather and heatwaves. That's why ensuring everyone understands what we do at this early stage is important. 

We published our draft plan on Monday 7 June 2021 and we are now seeking your views.

It's easy as 1,2,3....

#1 Read the plan

We have prepared a draft dry weather plan. You can read the full document, but we've also prepared some customer friendly summary magazines that may interest some people more. 
Please contact communications@southeastwater.co.uk by email if you would like to provide feedback on the summary magazines. But scroll down to find out how to submit your feedback about our plans themselves. 

Read our draft dry weather plan

#2 Tell us your views

Your thoughts are important and we'd love to hear your views on this draft plan. You have until Monday 2 August 2021 to send a response. Please use the form below. Or, if you would prefer to send your response to Defra directly please email water.resources@defra.gov.uk including our company name (South East Water) in the subject field.

If you would like to send a response by mail the postal address is: Drought Plan Consultation, Defra, Water Resources, Seacole 3rd Floor, 2 Marsham Street, London SW1P 4DF.


Click here to give us your feedback


#3 Next steps

Following the consultation we will review every comment received and will prepare a statement of response document. This will be published on our website and sent to everyone who joined the consultation.

All comments will be considered and where appropriate we will make changes to the draft plan, giving reasons for the changes. Where we consider no changes are necessary we will explain why. We will publish the statement of response and revised plan by Friday 17 September 2021.

The Secretary of State will consider the comments raised and our response to the comments made on the draft plan. We hope at this point the final plan will be able to be published.

The final dry weather plan will be added to the website once it has been approved by Defra.

We welcome feedback and ideas at any time. Please contact wre@southeastwater.co.uk by email if you have any questions about our plan or would like to talk about how we can work together to look after our water environment for the future.


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