We carefully monitor the amount of water available in our reservoirs and groundwater sources, and plan 25 years into the future to make sure there is enough water to meet demand.

Having experienced record breaking temperatures with minimal rainfall this year during both the summer and autumn months, our water saving messaging is still continuing.

Although our two reservoirs at Ardingly and Arlington are currently a little below normal for the time of year, this is not unusual. As long as we get plenty of rain during the winter months they should return to where they should be.

We are closely monitoring the rainfall we receive over the winter months so we can keep you updated on the outlook for the spring.

Just to be on the safe side, we are continuing to ask all our customers to be water savvy during the colder winter months.

We do plan for dry spells, and in our recently published revised Water Resources Management Plan we have worked hard to include schemes which will meet the increased demand for water over the next 25 years.

But in the meantime, we're asking everyone to help us spread the water saving message to keep taps flowing, whatever the weather.

Our current reservoir levels

Updated 11 February

Arlington reservoir

Our reservoirs in Sussex, Arlington and Ardingly, store up to 8,300 million litres of water and together provide 8% of all the water we supply.

Currently these reservoirs are approximately 86% and 100% full.

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