We're working with farmers and landowners to stop soils, fertiliser and pesticides washing from fields into rivers and groundwater resources.

This is because removing these substances at the water treatment works is expensive, so prevention is best.

It also means farmers and landowners benefit by losing less of these substances to waste – saving money and time.

There are simple things farmers and landowners can do to minimise wash off into rivers. Just calibrating machines correctly, for example, or collecting rainwater, can make a lot of difference.

We can help with these practical solutions. We offer a free farm visit from an independent specialist adviser who can look for solutions and farmers may be eligible for a grant.

How you can get involved

If you farm within one of our priority areas you could qualify for the following:

  • Free one to one confidential on farm advice
  • Free report with recommendations tailored towards your farm business
  • Free workshops and events providing up to date guidance and advice
  • Soil and nutrient planning (including free standard soil sampling)
  • Calibration of fertiliser applicators, slug pelletors and sprayers
  • A capital grant scheme to help farmers and land managers tackle agricultural diffuse pollution

To talk to us about how you can get involved, or register for a free farm visit, please email catchment@southeastwater.co.uk.

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