We're working on a focused innovation strategy which targets our customers’ and stakeholders’ priorities, and will enable us to lead the industry.


As we enter our next five year business plan, we know that we need to keep innovating to increase our customer satisfaction. That’s why we’re working to build a culture across the company where innovation can flourish.

Working with experts, students, partners, other industries and networks we want to look outward to embrace new ways of thinking.

We recently launched a new internal collaborative platform named ‘Atlas’ aimed at helping our colleagues share their thoughts and bring their ideas to fruition. In total 19 employees from all areas of the business have also recently completed training to become ‘Innovation Champions’. A role which will help them drive change and support ideas across the company.

What we're interested in

From reducing bursts and interruptions to customer supplies, improving the service we provide and encouraging everyone to save water – there are a number of areas we are working to drive change in. If you have an innovative product or service that could help us achieve our goals, we would be delighted to hear from you. Just click the button below to fill in your details and we’ll get back to you.


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What we’re working on

Innovation means change, and we’re constantly working to better the way we do things. There are a variety of different projects being developed across the company, from something as simple as improving the way we recycle at our head office, to revolutionising the way we find and fix leaks. Below are just a few of the exciting projects that are currently taking place across the business.

Smart networks

An industry first, smart networks is not just smart metering. It’s a journey to visualise, analyse, monitor, predict and improve the real-time performance of our water network. Working with Vodafone UK we are the first utility in England to have a full NBIoT (Narrowband Internet of Things) commercial agreement in place. The partnership will enable us to transmit data for analysis from digital water meters at 2,000 homes in a Kent trial area, as well as information from other network sensors.

If successful, smart networks has the potential to alert us to the smallest leaks on both our and our customers’ pipes soon after they occur, and could even enable us to predict and prevent pipeline failure before it happens.

Trial partners include: Sensus – a Xylem brand, providing fixed network digital water meters; Visenti – a Xylem brand, providing software analytics;  Arqiva, providing fixed network connectivity; Vodafone, providing NBIoT network connectivity; Diehl and Honeywell, both providing NBIoT digital water meters; Syrinix, providing bursts and pressure transient loggers; ATI, providing water quality sensors; Gutermann, providing noise correlating loggers; and Z-Tech supporting the deployment in the field.

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Sustainable Catchment Management

As a water provider, our business is intrinsically linked to the environment. We rely upon our streams, rivers and underground aquifers to supply both our current and future customers with safe, reliable supplies of drinking water. We are committed to ensuring our supplies are sustainable both now and for decades to come.

We face many challenges ahead with climate change, growing populations and the expectations that our customers and regulators place upon us.

But, in many exciting ways we’re leading the industry with our innovative approach to ensuring we have sustainable and resilient catchments. For instance, we were the first water company to create a partnership with Natural England and Catchment Sensitive Farming to deliver our current Water Industry National Environment Programme.     

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Hive Leak Alerts

Our Water Resources Team has been working in partnership with Hive Home UK to help come up with a new way of detecting leaks in customers’ plumbing. We’ve been offering 800 of our customers’ the chance to sign up to a free 12 month trial of Hive Leak Alerts. Using the innovative Hive Leak Sensor, customers can monitor flow of water around their homes to proactively detect anything out of the ordinary which could be a potential leak. If anything is detected they will receive a notification directly to their phone.

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