South East Water is on the lookout for any business developing new water efficiency and innovative leak reduction technology or has its own raw water supply and may like to do business.

The company is in the early stages of creating its latest Water Resources Management Plan which details how it will keep taps running into the future as the population increases.

Due for publication in 2024, the company wants to hear from any business or organisation which:

  • Can offer a reasonable, sustainable and cost effective volume of raw water, that could include trading existing abstraction licences with another
  • Could provide new and innovative leakage or demand management solutions to help achieve its ambitious leakage and water efficiency targets
  • Wishes to take water from us

Lee Dance, South East Water’s Head of Water Resources, said: “Making sure we have enough water to supply the growing population in the south east is one of our top priorities.

“From drinks manufacturers and paper mills to farmers and quarries, we know many businesses in our supply area have access to their own boreholes or other raw water sources and we are keen to hear from them.

“Equally, we are keen to be at the forefront of using the latest leak busting and demand management technology so would like to hear from any business which is developing new and innovative methods which we could use in the future.

“By being innovative and looking outside the box we can ensure we’re delivering the best and most sustainable service to our 2.2 million customers for decades to come.”

Further information is available on the company’s website at:

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