A water company is calling on its customers to use water wisely after demand for water hit a 10-year peak yesterday (June 24).

South East Water pumped an incredible 668 million litres of water into its network of underground pipes in just one day – that is enough to fill more than 250 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

The company’s message to customers is simple – there is more than enough water to around as long as everyone uses it wisely.

Douglas Whitfield, Operations Director, said: “Temperatures have spiked rapidly and that has led to a surge in demand for water.

“Our reservoir levels are exactly where we want them to be for this time of year but it is important everyone treats water as the precious life resource that it is.

“While of course we want you to stay fully hydrated - there is no shame in having a brown lawn or a dirty car – so please think before you use your water.”

South East Water, along with water companies across the country, offer a range of water-saving tips.

You can help by using water butts to store water for gardening purposes and keep paddling pools covered so you don’t need to refill them.

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