Finding and fixing leaks across a vast network of more than 9,000 miles of pipes has taken priority following the cold snap.

Freezing conditions, snow and now a slight thaw has caused a number of leaks to break out across the five counties South East Water supplies top quality drinking water to.

The water company has made tackling these leaks its number one priority this week and is appealing to its customers to lend their support.

Douglas Whitfield, Director of Operations, said: “Freezing pipes and joints become prone to bursting and leaking as the temperatures rise and they thaw out.

“We’ve seen a number of leaks break out across Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent and Sussex and we’re doing everything we can to get them repaired as quickly as possible.

“Our leakbusters are working around the clock to detect and fix leaks, not all of which are clearly visible.”

Customers should report leaks they spot to the company by using the interactive map service at:

South East Water relies on as much detail as possible to ensure the leaks can be traced.

Douglas continued: “We invest millions of pounds into leak detection technology but we still rely on our valued customers to be our eyes on the network.

“If you spot a leak, even if you think somebody may have reported it already, please check our interactive map and report it to us.

“We had anticipated a difficult weekend so I would like to thank all of our staff for working tirelessly in freezing conditions to keep water flowing to the vast majority of our 2.2 million customers.”

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