Clever construction saw a water company install more than 400 metres of water pipe in just four days.

South East Water laid the new water main in Grange Road, Tilford as part of the company’s project to improve the water network around the Surrey village.

It was installed using a method called pipe bursting– where a new pipe is pushed through an existing one.

Matthew Cooper, Project Manager, said: “This construction method is very efficient as it allows us to lay pipe at a much faster rate.

“Normally, we would expect our contractor to lay between 100 and 150 metres of pipe a week. By pipe busting, we are able to work at twice the speed and drastically reduce any disruption to our customers.”

An overland supply pipe was installed and connected to properties before the pipe bursting began, ensuring nobody went without water.

The new pipe will now be pressure tested and cleaned to ensure top-quality drinking water can be passed through it.

Matthew continued: “I’m pleased at how quickly the new pipe has been installed and I know our customers in the area will be very grateful too.

“Although pipe bursting is not always an option for us, it is certainly something we always consider to minimise our working time on site.”

For more information on the scheme, in Grange Road, Tilford, visit:

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