Water is being carried on a 170-mile relay to highlight difficult journeys faced by those who do not have access to clean water.

Volunteers will transport five litres of water on foot, bicycle and paddleboard across the South East.

Raising funds for WaterAid and moving through the supply areas of Portsmouth Water, South East Water, Southern Water, SES Water, and Affinity Water the ‘Bucket Brigade’ started on 27 August in Portsmouth.

South East Water colleagues completed the first of their two legs in the Bucket Brigade on Friday 30 August, Adrian Richards, a volunteer from the company, said: “We really experienced the hardships people go through to get water on a daily basis as the bucket felt heavier and heavier the further we went during our first leg.

“Trekking through the Hampshire country side pales in comparison to the hard work WaterAid do around the world to bring fresh water to everyone who needs it the most.”

Paul Butler, Managing Director at South East Water said: “This is a great opportunity for water companies in the South East to come together for our shared charity WaterAid which we are proud to support.”

Money collected will go towards WaterAid’s mission to provide clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene to worldwide by 2030.

Sally Lambert, Water Industry Partnerships Manager at WaterAid said, “We all know that water is a precious resource that we cannot take for granted, and we are delighted to see water companies working together to raise awareness of this important issue through the ‘Bucket Brigade’ event. The support from their fundraising will help transform the lives of those living in some of the world’s poorest communities for good.”

The bucket is being handed over today to SES Water from Southern Water before it passes back to South East Water on Thursday (05 September) for the penultimate leg, to be then handed over on Monday (9 September) to Affinity Water for the final stretch of its journey to Folkestone.  

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