Check water supplies is the message to businesses from South East Water as pubs, restaurants, hotels and more shops reopen their doors to the public.

With many taps, showers and toilets having not been used during the lockdown period, the company is asking them to make sure their water supplies are in good working order.

To make sure the water is safe to drink businesses are being ask to:

  • Run taps starting with the one nearest to where the water pipe enters the building. Make sure the water is clear and feels cool to the touch
  • If water was stored, cisterns should be emptied and re-filled with fresh water from the incoming supply. Flush through the taps before use
  • Shower heads must be rinsed through before use and the company recommends wearing a face mask while carrying out this task
  • Ensure all appliances connected to the water supply are thoroughly flushed through before use
  • If the property has any internal filters or water softeners, these should be checked to ensure they are working correctly
  • If plumbers are required to make any changes or repairs to the plumbing system, approved plumbers can be found under the WaterSafe scheme.

Steve Andrews, Head of Central Operations, said: “We know that businesses will be working hard on making essential preparations for welcoming members of the public back and water can easily be overlooked.

“But top of their list should be making sure their water is in same excellent condition as when it leaves our pipes and enters their premises. Just by carrying out these simple tasks will make sure this happens.”

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