A new, state-of-the-art water treatment works is set to begin pumping additional water to homes in Kent.

South East Water began working on the new site in December 2020 and is now ready to bring extra water into supply – after just eight months of construction.

Paul Beaumont, Project Manager, said: “We’ve made exceptional progress with this vital project and we’re now ready to start pumping extra water into our network.

“This process will begin from Monday, August 9 where we will begin slowly introducing the new water into our underground pipes.

“We will gradually increase the amount of water flowing into the network until the site is fully up and running - which we anticipate will be by Monday, August 16.

“I would like to thank everyone for their hard work in bringing this new treatment works into supply so quickly, which will be a huge benefit to thousands of our customers.”

The new site uses groundwater abstraction as opposed to river water. Water is taken out of the ground through boreholes before being treated and transformed into top-quality drinking water.

Customers in the Aylesford area of Kent may notice a slight difference in the taste and odour of their drinking water from next week.

Dr Neil Hudson, Head of Water Quality at South East Water, said: “Please do not be alarmed if there is a difference in taste or smell of your water.

“It is still amongst the highest quality of drinking water in the world but because it comes from a groundwater source it naturally filters through rocks and therefore picks up some different minerals along its journey to your tap.”

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