South East Water has joined a national campaign launched today (Wednesday) aimed at getting everyone to Love Water.

Supported by more than 40 environmental groups, charities, water companies and regulators, the Love Water Campaign will encourage people to help the country to protect its water resources for future generations.

Treated high quality drinking water, essential for health, wellbeing and economic growth, is currently readily available throughout this country. But as the climate changes and population growth put increasing pressure on the water environment, there is an increased risk of water shortages.

With people using an average of 150 litres per day and the fact that the UK has less available water than most other European countries, people need to take action now says Sir James Bevan, Chief Executive of the Environment Agency.

Earlier this year Sir James gave a stark warning that the country is approaching the ‘jaws of death’ as parts of England are at risk of running out of water within 25 years.

The Love Water Campaign, as part of the Government’s Year of Green Action, will highlight the importance of water and the role everyone plays in protecting it. Activities such as beach and river cleans-ups along with water saving projects will be some of the initiatives. Businesses are also being called on to make water-saving and pollution reduction part of their operational and corporate responsibility targets. 

Paul Butler, Managing Director of South East Water said: “We are pleased to support the Love Water Campaign as, being guardians of the environment, we work hard to protect our water supply in our region where naturally available water is scarce.

“This campaign will help us to raise awareness of the small changes people can make in order to achieve a big difference.” 

Michael Roberts, Chief Executive of Water UK said: “The Love Water Campaign is a great way to get the public to think about the link between the water we all use and the rivers and lakes that provide it and sustain our environment.

“But we also know the water industry must play its role which is why we have set out ambitious plans to reduce leakage alongside a new programme for helping the environment, which will see 8,000 kilometres of rivers cleaned and improved.

“We all need to take action so that this country does not run out of water in the middle part of this century. Only by working together can we bring about the changes needed to ensure we have a resilient water environment now and in the future.”

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