As your village has suffered a number of water pipe bursts which have resulted in people having no water or low pressure, we are replacing more than 1.8 kilometres of old water main along Pond Farm Road, from the junction with Cryalls Lane, and Wises Lane, to the junction with Sutton Baron Road.

Work started on 14 January and for this project to take just over six months to complete, although we will work hard to finish the work sooner if possible.

To keep the public and our workforce safe, road closures are in place and a fully signed diversion route will be in place during the road closure, which has been agreed with Kent Highways.

Residents will be able to access their homes at all times, though they may have to enter their road from a different direction depending on the location of our work.  Where we are laying pipe along Wises Lane, past the junction with Cryalls Lane, the junction will be open at all times except when we are laying directly across that junction or testing the new water main at the end of the project.

We'll update this web page as our plans progress so please check back here for updates or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Progress updates

3 June

Good news!  All roads will fully reopen today, a month ahead of schedule, as we have finished replacing a mile of faulty pipes in the village.

We'd like to thank all local residents for their patience and support during this crucial work.

9 May

As we are approaching the end of our work, here are some key dates about our remaining work in the village:

  • 11 May, Wises Lane to permanently reopen
  • 11 May - 18 May, Cryalls Lane closed
  • 20 May - 24 May, multi-way lights at the southern end of Pond Farm Road to connect the new water main to the pipe network
  • 23 - 24 and 28 - 31 May, multi-way lights at the junction of School Lane and Pond Farm Road to connect the water main to the wider network. The road will be fully open over the bank holiday weekend.
  • 30 May - 3 June, multi-way lights between The Street and Pond Farm Road to disconnect the old water main

29 April

Last week, the crews on site installed 200 metres of water main, so there is just 190 metres left to be laid at the north section of Wises Lane, past Cryalls Lane.

Once all the new water main has been laid we will connect it to our existing network at various points. We'll put advance warning signs on the roads before any roadworks but please ask the team on site if you have any questions.

We are still planning to allow access through the village for elections on 2 May and the Sittingbourne 10k road race, which we've also sponsored.

17 April 2019

Next week we are connecting our new water main to the wider network, near the junction of Wises Lane and Cryalls Lane.

You may experience no water or low pressure during this work, which will take place overnight from 10pm on Thursday 25 April to 1am on Friday 26 April.

Once water supplies return to normal, you may experience a slight discolouration or air in your water supply. This is normal following an interruption to supply and you simply need to run your cold water tap in your kitchen until the water runs clear.

Due to the nature of this work, there may be some minor noise from the use of equipment but our contractors will keep any noise to an absolute minimum.

Monday 25 March 2019

We've now passed the congested section of road and have returned to our directional drilling technique again, with 250 metres due to be laid this week.

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Last week, the team on site replaced another 100 metres of burst-prone pipe. We’ve unfortunately come across other utilities and a change in ground conditions which means we have been unable to drill this section.

This means we’ve switched from our directional drilling technique to cutting an open trench along the road.

Although our engineering technique has changed, we still expect to finish this work on schedule.

To minimise disruption for the village, we will allow access through Wises Lane for local elections on 2 May and the Sittingbourne 10k running race on 19 May.

Wednesday 13 March 2019

The team on site laid another 100 metres last week using a traditional trenching method as we carefully lay our pipe around other utilities pipes and cables.

We'll soon be connecting the new main to the surrounding network overnight on Thursday, 14 March from 11pm to 2am.  You might temporarily have no water or low pressure during this time, but you will have received written warning of this work if you will be affected.

Once your water supply returns it might be cloudy or discoloured - this is normal and can be solved by running your cold kitchen tap until the water runs clear.

Monday 4 March 2019

Wises Lane will close tomorrow, 5 March, between the junctions with The Street and Cryalls Lane as Pond Farm Road fully reopens.  The team on site have replaced almost 1.3 kilometres of water main so far and are making excellent progress.

We will allow access to the village for local elections on 2 May and the Sittingbourne 10k running race on 19 May.

Thursday 28 February 2019

Pond Farm Road is now open to through-traffic between Sutton Baron Road and School Lane, as we have replaced 55% of the burst-prone pipes so far. We're now working between School Lane and The Street, with this section of road closed.

We'll be starting in Wises Lane soon - watch this space for updates.

Wednesday 14 February 2019

We are making excellent progress and have laid 1.1 kilometres of water mains so far.

From 25 February, Pond Farm Road will reopen to residents at the junction of Sutton Barron Road and we will move to move to phase 2 of this project from School Lane to The Street.

The section of road between Pond Farm Road and The Street will remain closed. 

When this small section of work is complete, we'll move into Wises Lane and completely reopen Pond Farm Road to through-traffic.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

We continue to make excellent progress in Pond Farm Road and have now completed laying 600 metres of new pipeline with a further 300 metres being laid this week using our directional drilling technique. This puts us ahead of schedule.

We will be reviewing progress over the next week and may look to alter the timings of the next phase of works, subject to Kent Highways' approval, to start this section earlier than anticipated due to the good progress made by our site team.  

The next phase is the road closure from the School Lane junction round the church to The Street / Wises Lane junction. Further updates to follow.

Monday 29 January 2019

The team on site are making really good progress so far, and have laid more than 400 metres of new pipe in Pond Farm Road.

We're using a directional drilling technique that involves pits dug 100-200 metres apart, tunnelling between the excavations and pulling the pipe through underground. This is quicker, easier and safer than digging an open trench along the whole road.

This means it may look like there aren't many of us on site, but rest assured most of the work happens underground and we've installed almost half a kilometre of new water main in the last fortnight.

Thursday 17 January 2019

Work started as planned on Monday, 14 January and access to Pond Farm Road is currently available from either end while we set up our working area.  From Friday, please enter the road from the School Lane end as we will be beginning the first phase of drilling to install the new water main.

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Following a meeting with Kent Highways on 15 October, and our attendance at the Borden Parish Council meeting on 18 October, we are pleased to announce that work will begin on 14 January and last for a little over six months. We'll be writing to residents again soon to confirm our plans.

Thursday 27 September 2018

Thank you to all the residents and local councillors who attended our public drop-in session on Tuesday, 25 September, to hear about our plans to replace these burst-prone water mains. 

Construction is due to start early next year and as soon as we have a confirmed date, we will provide updates to the local community. In the meantime, we'll be attending the Borden Parish Council meeting on Thursday 18 October to brief them on our plans.

Work schedule

Please note dates are subject to change

14 January 2019

Work begins at Pond Farm Road

25 February 2019

Pond Farm Road reopens to residents between Sutton Baron Road and School Lane (no through-traffic). Road closure around the church starts to the junction with The Street.

5 March 2019

Pond Farm Road reopens.

Wises Lane closure starts but we will allow through-access for local elections on 2 May and the Sittingbourne 10k race on Sunday 19 May.

June 2019

Wises Lane reopens.

At the end of the project, we expect to take a couple of days to disconnect the old water main from our network. After this, our work will be finished and all roads will be fully open.

Wises Lane diversion route

Concerns over development by Quinn Estates

We are aware of concerns over proposals by Quinn Estates to build a new housing development near Borden village and would like to reassure residents that our work is not directly related to their proposals.

Our £520,000 scheme will replace a three-inch pipeline in Pond Farm Road and Wises Lane that has burst 25 times in the last five years, with a larger pipe which can withstand higher water pressures and deliver a more resilient drinking water supply for the future.

There have been a high number of customer contacts and complaints over bust pipes in Borden in recent years and the situation is now critical requiring replacement of the old water main.

As we do that it is logical to build in the capacity to expand the water supply if and when the community grows, laying new pipe to replace that which has burst and meet current and future demand for drinking water.

Once the job is done we will not have to return to increase capacity at a later date should planning permission for new homes be granted in the Borden area.

We have a legal obligation to provide drinking water as and when the demand arises and we are building a sensible contingency into our network to avoid any future need for duplicate engineering work at the same site. 

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