Take a look at our weekly report about how the Reservoir is fishing, the best spots and the most successful flies. 

Arlington Fishery Report for the week ended 15 March 2020

The fishery saw a much better weekend than the previous with less wind and rain. Over the week we welcomed 62 anglers catching a total of 94 fish.

The top three, six fish bags go to Ping Shum at 9lb, David Scott at 9lb 8oz and Hugh Frew at 8lb 4oz. The best recorded brace of the week was landed by Mervyn Shoobridge weighing 4lb, and the largest fish of the week was caught by Ping Shum weighing 4lb 8oz.

The bay and the willows are still the hotspots at the moment with the odd fish coming from Glennisters and Duffers. The go too flies are still the Boobies, Cats Whiskers and Damsels as there still isn’t much in the way of natural fly life to imitate. Most fish are being caught at mid to bottom depth.

Water temperature is now 9.2 degrees Celsius.  

Arlington Fishery Report for the week ended 8 March 2020

This week saw a steady trickle of anglers (69 in all) obviously influenced by the very changeable weather. Between them they caught a total of 236 fish.

Fish are being caught with a wide variety of flies; Montana, Booby, Damsel, Goldhead, Tadpole. The place to catch is still predominately the Bay, Glennisters and The Willows, although one adventurous soul caught one fish on the dam wall.

The top three, six fish bags of the week were Steve Lee with 11lbs, Chris Nunn 10lb 12oz and Martyn Gray 10lb 8oz. The best recorded brace of the week goes to Mervyn Shoobridge with a weight of 3lb 7oz and the largest fish of the week was landed by John Beard weighing 4lb 6oz.

Water temperature has hardly changed at 8.1 degrees and we are keeping our fingers crossed for some better weather in the coming week. 

Bill Francis with his 3lb 8oz trout

Arlington Fishery Report for the week ended 1 March 2020

Not a soul braved the stormy conditions here at Arlington at the beginning of the week. However, Wednesday’s better weather saw a fair few anglers making the most of the conditions, and most successfully caught their limits. Saturday saw only one angler, and although Sunday turned out into a lovely day, the early hail seemed to deter most anglers with only four casting their lines. Throughout the week we recorded 22 rods and a total of 71 catches.

The methods still working best are bright lure type flies mainly in the colours of orange, bright green, yellow and white.  The best area to fish is currently along the bay area but some fish are starting to come out along the willows too.

The top two six fish bags were caught by Steve Lee weighing 13lb 7oz and Hugh Frew weighing 12lb. The best brace of the week was netted by R Heston at 4lb and the largest fish was landed by Steve Lee at 4lb 1oz.

Water temp has dropped slightly this week to 7.8 degrees Celsius.

Hugh Frew landing one of his trout in his 12lb 6 fish bag

Arlington Fishery Report for the week ended 23 February 2020

The fishing is still very good at the moment but this is very much dependent on the weather being suitable on the day. The bay and the willows are still the hotspots and the best place to get out of the strong south westerly winds. Lure type flies such as Cats Whiskers, Boobies, Damsels and Cormorants are working the best as there isn’t much natural food around to imitate.

Our weekly totals were 35 rods catching 86 fish.  The two best six fish bags were caught by Ray Burt weighing 9lb and David Scott weighing 8lb.  The best brace of the week goes to C Bjornstrand at 4lb 12oz and the largest fish of the week was netted by Ping Shum weighing a very respectable 4lb 8oz.

Current water temperature is 8.5 degrees Celsius.

Colin Blackman with this fine conditioned trout weighing 3lb

Arlington Fishery report for the week ended 16 February 2020

Storm Dennis and the remnants of Storm Ciara have played havoc with the fishery this week, with anglers understandably reluctant to battle the rough weather conditions.

Our weekly totals were 21 rods catching 42 fish. Everything is pretty much being caught in the Bay at the moment with a wide variety of flies, Cats Whiskers, Boobies, Lures Montanas and Buzzers all featuring heavily in the catch register.

A few anglers have ‘bagged up’ but with the challenging weather no-one on a six fish ticket has caught their limit.

Best brace this week goes to Dennis Price with a weight of 5lb 4oz.

Current water temperature is 7.5 degrees.

Dennis Price with his brace weighing 5lb 4oz

Arlington Fishery report for the week ended 9 February 2020

The week started off very well indeed with some days seeing about 80 fish caught and perfect weather for the sport. However by Sunday not even the bravest of souls dared to venture out and attempt a session due to the weather. In spite of this the week saw 78 rods catch 226 fish, not bad at all considering the water is still only a cool 7.4 degrees. The best spot in the reservoir for a bite is certainly still the first 200 metres of bank along the bay, but if you fancy more of a challenge fish have been caught from both the willows and even the dam wall.

The go to flies for the week have been bright coloured cats whiskers, minkies, and boobies, namely in green, yellow and white.

Craig Wells with his catch of the day

Arlington Fishery report for the week ended 2 February 2020

It’s been a fairly quiet and blustery weekend here at Arlington, but despite both days seeing fairly strong winds, Saturday saw the most anglers braving the breezy conditions.  Throughout the week we recorded 33 rods with a total of 101 fish caught.  Despite the challenging weather it’s been a good start to the season with many anglers catching their bag limits with ease!

The two top 6 fish bags of the week were:  Ping Shum 12lb 8oz and N Chatterton 12lbs.  The best recorded brace was landed by Dennis Price weighing 4lb 8oz and Ping Shum also caught the largest recorded fish of the week weighing in at 4lb 8oz.

Flies that are currently working well are the usual Cats Whisker, Montanas, Damsels, Nomad and Boobys.  The water temperature has slightly dropped to 7.6 degrees celsius but this hasn’t affected the fishing.

Arlington Fishery report 25 January 2020 

We had a terrific start to our 2020 fly fishing season when our Fishery reopened on Saturday 25 January, with a total of 25 rods catching 69 fish between them. We only had five rods on Sunday but they all caught their limit, totalling 22 fish. Some fish were even caught on the dam wall which is quite unusual for this early in the season. The largest fish netted was a very respectable 3lb 2oz caught by Barry Green. It was good to see and catch up with old friends, and also to welcome some new members.

We were very busy restocking in January and so far around 1,500 trout have been introduced to the reservoir with another 1,300 due this month. Between now and the end of the season a total of about 6,000 are due to be added. As always, the season will close at sunset on Saturday 27 June.

Bob Holland’s 6-fish permit catch weighed 11lb 4oz

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